Multi-Lingual Consulting and Translation Services
Idea Development

Choosing A Selling Market

Selling within to the United States

Selling Globally

Protecting Ideas and Inventions, Intellectual Property (IP) registration, copyrights, trademarks and patents
Business Method
Patent searches
Words and phrases
Registered and common law
Common law


Business Creation
Choosing the best structure
>Sole proprietorships
>General partnerships
>Limited partnerships
>Joint ventures
>C corporations
>S corporations
>Limited Liability Companies

Choosing a location
>Home offices
>Commercial space
Organized Book and Record Keeping
Choosing an accountant and/or bookkeeper
Choosing a lawyer for Transactional Law and Litigation
Hiring a staff

>Employee vs. Independent Contractors
>Complying with Labor/Employment and Tax laws
Registering in home and other states and jurisdictions
Tools of the Trade, Business cards, Supplies and Equipment


Financing Ideas, Finding and Negotiating with Investors and Lenders
Seed money
Personal investments
Peer group investments

Private Equity financing
Joint venture financing
Going public
Private lending
Commercial lending

Technical and Creative Writing Services

Turning an Idea or Product Into A New Business, and Expanding and Developing An Existing Business

Business plans

Creative Marketing
Market Research
Marketing Surveys
Marketing Plans and Strategy
Guerilla marketing
QR code marketing and advertising
Public relations

>Hiring a Public Relations Agent
>Writing and Releasing Press Releases
Social Media
Networking 101
Article, Essay and Book writing

Manufacturing and Producing Your Product, The Path To China, India and Beyond
Subcontract Manufacturing

Importing Your Product, From Beijing to Bentonville
Duties and Tariffs      
>Tariff classifying and reclassification;
>Custom Brokers;
>Outsourcing production;
Glossary of Shipping Terms

Storage and Shipment, A Warehouse In Every City?
Leasing space
Contracted warehousing


Finding Markets, From Your Walls to Walmart… Customers and Distribution Channels
Manufacturer’s Representatives

The demise of the distributors and middlemen
Hiring in-house and field salespersons

Naming a product, service and/or business
Avoiding public confusion and litigation

Internet Site Building and Reaching Millions
Free site-building

Hiring a webmaster
Outsourcing creation and monitoring
Analyzing results and modification
Search engine Pay-Per-Click advertising
QR Codes and Smartphone websites

The Disappearance of Paperwork and Red Tape, The Ins and Outs of Electronic Supply Chain Management

Product Lifespan and New Product Development
One-step removed product expansion
Selective Integration

Empire Building, Selling What You Built and Pocketing the Profits
Splitting one company into multiples

The Art of Brokering, Turning Others Ideas, Products and Businesses Into Risk-Free Profits

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