Financing Ideas, Finding and Negotiating with Investors and Lenders

The biggest obstacle most people with grandiose ideas face, and that which separates the successful from the wantabees is money. Very few successful businesses owners started with an inheritance or a great amount of savings. They became rich of OPM, other people’s money.

I2I has access to some of the best financial minds anywhere. We will assist our clients in obtaining funds to start and run their business through a variety of financing options including:

1.) Seed money. Sometimes as little as a few thousand dollars of seed money will ignite a great business or product. At times I2I will consider investing in our client’s future icons, and at other times rely on our network of financial institutions and private investors;

2.) Personal investments. Many of our clients, but certainly the minor of them insist on investing their own money in their future icon. While we encourage our clients to make a showing of good faith to possible lenders and investors, in many cases we discourage using anything but OPM;

3.) Peer group investments. Many great companies, Walmart perhaps
being the most notable example were launched with borrow money and investments from friends and relatives. Knowing you have I2I behind you, many of these will be encouraged to help you finance your business.

4.) Private Equity financing. Many of the nation’s most familiar
companies, such as Sears/Kmart, Pet Smart, and B.J.s Wholesale are owned by passive investors who will put their money behind you. We have team members with extensive experience and expertise all aspects of commercial investing;

5.) Joint venture financing. This is a slightly different version of Private
Equity financing, but her the corporate investors are more likely to become actively involved in management and strategy. Knowing which type to choose requires an expert. I2I is that expert;

6.) Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) aka Going public. Startup-IPOs is
one of the most misunderstood areas of financing a future icon, and could be the most dangerous if one does not know the rules and pitfalls.
Walmart was a nice growing lower Midwestern discount department stores that for its first 8 years seemed to grow like wildfire, but nothing like it was to become in 1970 when it went public. Instantly Sam Walton became a multi-millionaire and with a little more than a decade reputed to be the World’s Richest Person. He mastered using OPM;

7.) Private lending. Like Peer Group investing, friends and relatives are
going to be much more likely to reach into their pockets knowing I2I is behind you;

8.) Commercial lending. Today commercial lending is not limited to
banks and other financial institutions. Federal has drastically eased the requirements for commercial loans. Mortgage companies, insurance companies and other large corporations frequently make loans. Factoring is another related avenue where companies, some of them relatively small will lend a company money and collect whenever their own customers pay for an order. I21’s team includes MBA’s and other experts at all aspects of commercial lending.


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