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Choosing a lawyer for Transactional Law and Litigation

There are basically two kinds of lawyers, Transactional and Litigators. Transactional lawyers could be invaluable in assisting our clients in negotiating for licensing rights, leasing property, entering into contracts for subcontractors and countless other functions in building and maintain a growing business. Or, they might not be needed at all.

Litigators are only needed when disputes arise, but careful planning and receiving and following I2I’s advice will minimize, and in most cases eliminate the need for hiring a lawyer to enforce our client’s rights. Since I2I was founded and is headed by an experience trial and appellation lawyer we know how that an ounce of caution is worth a pound of cure, and caution will always rule.

We and our consulting lawyers will provide our clients with the information and assistance they need to comply with all relevant local, state and federal laws to register a business.


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