Business Creation

I2I prime focus is transformation an idea (which includes a product or even an existing business) first into a successful business, and then developing it through experienced and imaginative marketing programs into an icon.

To take an Idea and make it into an Icon is both a science and art. Determining the right structure for a business is an art, but then creating that structure is a science. Generally, a business can be structured in one of the following ways:

1) Sole proprietorships
2) General partnerships
3) Limited partnerships
4) Joint ventures
5) C corporations
6) S corporations
7) Limited Liability Companies

While the structure can usually be changed from one to another at a later time, it is prudent to get off on the right foot. I2I and its retained lawyers can assist a client in developing and then transforming a business, often easily, expeditiously and inexpensively. Our main business is to transform your idea into an icon as quickly and inexpensively as possible, not cause you to exhaust your budget in the earliest stages of The Path.


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