Protecting Ideas and Inventions, Intellectual Property (IP) registration, copyrights, trademarks and patents

The more valuable an idea, the more important it to make sure no one else benefits from it.  Most countries of the world issue that protection in the form of a Patent, protecting a mechanical product,  a design for a product or for a business method, a Trademark, protecting a phrase, name for a unique design of the name and/or phrase, and a Copyright, protecting virtually any original composition of words or an image or images.


Generally, anyone who can prove their idea is unique and distinctive is eligible to receive a patent, which must be formally issued by a government agency.  In regards to a trademark, generally the first person or entity to use it in commerce, and can prove they are acquires an automatic common law trademark.  In regards to a copyright, whoever creates it automatically has acquired a common law copyright.  Patent protection must be formally issued, but there are many benefits to formally issue a trademark or copyright, the main one being that doing so creates a rebuttable presumption the holder is entitled to ownership.


I2I staff members have an excellent working knowledge of intellectual property dos and do notes, but also have established a working relationship with IP attorneys across the globe.  It and its consulting lawyers have the ability to access the need for a patent or formal trademark or copyright before recommending the client go to the expense of applying for any of them.  Many company’s highest revenue comes from assisting their clients in applying for one or more of these three IP protections before even evaluating the need for any of them.


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