Product Lifespan and New Product Development

I2I understands the concept of Product Lifespan and New Product Development, standards in all consumer product manufacturing and selling. What is a hit one day, such as Blockbuster Video is passť tomorrow in today’s fast-changing world. The most popular products of all time, say the Ford Model T was passť win barely more than a decade, and was in a world that changed a far slower pace than it does today. Apple’s iPhone is in its fourth generation. Every product has five life cycles, (1) Development, (2) Introduction, when it is slowing sold, (3) Growth, when sales are growing constantly, (4) Maturity when they stabilize and finally, (5) Decline, the dying process when they begin to fall, never to rebound.

Through its analytic record keeping, research and analysis models, I2I is able to keep its hand on the pulse of your business and product and knows when (the timing is all essential) “When to hold and when to fold.” It also understands New Product Development (NPD) and is highly experienced in guiding its clients through the process from conception to development to production to sales and back, until it is time to fold.

It understands One-Step-Removal product extension, Diversification and a term it coined Selective Integration (of new products into existing inventory offerings).


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