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The World Wide Web (www) is not synonymous with the Internet, but part of it. Experts, academians and successful business consultants, owners and operators forecast that the familiar brick and motor business that has been commonplace since … well the discovery process of bricks and motor … forecast that within as little as 10 years in the future few companies will be general merchandisers. Apple’s retail division is the fastest growing major retailer in the world, and the most profitable. It perfected what Dell and Gateway pioneered long ago, and its 350 global locations dwarf those of its competitor Microsoft. Apple sells Apple computers, iPhones, iPads, iPods not any other brand. Most consumer product retailers in the near future will either sell their own made brands, kind of a return to vertical integration, or online, or whatever technology online evolves into. In the mid-19th century mail order catalogs established the concept of distant shopping. When the population emigrated to the cities from the farms and country, people wanted to see, touch, taste and hear what they were buying. Thus the variety store (Woolworths, Kresge), store (Sears, J.C. Penny), main streets, then shopping malls then one-stop shopping (Walmart, Target) replaced distant shopping. Most retailing runs in cycles and with and the Internet is now able in many respects to allow consumers to see and hear what they are considering buying, and there is research underway whereby it is predicted that smell, if not touch will be transportation through wire and wireless technology.

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