Prior to the end of the 19th century advertising was virtually non-existent. Montgomery Ward in the 1850’s created the first mail order catalog, which was perfected by Sears, Roebuck & Company that was founded years later in the late 1880’s. The first Sears retail store did not open until 1925 and by 1965 surpassed A&P as the world’s largest retailer (passed in 1991 by Kmart and it in 1992 by Walmart.

The so-called “Consumer Society” began right before the turn of the last century where suppliers of products began building brands and advertising. A heavily advertised product or business develops familiarity, and familiarity breeds trust and trust results in patronage. McDonald’s, Starbucks and many other fast food businesses do not dominate their industry because they necessary have the high-quality foods, best service or most attractive atmosphere, but because they are familiar to consumers.

Today the three most familiar and thus valuable consumer brands are Apple, McDonalds and Coca-Cola. Branding often requires a substantial investment, however utilizing free advertising and marketing, less expensive guerilla marketing and social media websites, brand building need not necessarily be expensive. I2I is a brand builder. The most successful brands are … ICONS!

Naming your business or product is sometimes overblown. Who ever thought the most famous brand in the world is a computer company named after a fruit? How many people even now what is a Google or a Yahoo? is and employment agency? What do N.B.C., I.B.M. or the NBA and NFL mean. Tens of millions of dollars and decades later those acronyms make sense. If a company does not have the time to get noticed and understood, then the brand name should be unique, but descriptive. For years after the first commercially-successful refrigerator began popular, the Frigidaire launched by General Motors, customers used it as a generic name. Same thing with Coke. Many refer to any cola drink as a Coke. This is an art by itself, and I2I is a great artist in this respect.

I2I has an international team of manufacturer’s representatives who work strictly on commission. Not only will they provide our clients with a cost free sales force, but will as a service to I2I and our clients assess the market potential of any product or service, also cost-free to you. Many of our existing clients who supply non-competing products than yours are or may be will graciously supply us with a list of their own customers and distribution channels. A distribution channel is indispensible to sell products to the mass audience. Ever shop in a major retailer and notice products you would never sell if you were a retailer? The reason why they do is often because they will carry the products to their existing vendors, the highly-profitable ones as well as the not-so-profitable ones. Those vendors have an established distribution channel. I2I is expert at identifying and building distribution channels.

It also may be prudent to hire in-house or field salespersons as an alternative to or in conjunction with manufacturer’s representatives. Here too, I2I has vast experience identifying and negotiating with individuals and companies that and who will exclusively sell your products


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