Manufacturing and Producing Your Product, The Path To China, India and Beyond Importing Your Product, From Beijing to Bentonville

Outsourcing of manufacturing and services to third world countries and emerging economies, most notably China and India are common knowledge, and are considered to the major reason for the demise of many American inner cities. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has published comparisons of the labor costs in this country and virtually every other country in the world. Included is China where workers still are paid as little as 10-25% as much as their American counterparts. For this reason, China has surpassed the United States and the country with the highest exports.

Industry is dead in America. Or so it is commonly believed. Forecasters and economists aware of the historical cycle where labor costs rise proportionally with living standards of a country already are noting the cost of doing business in China is rising and rising, and ultimately, there is a high probability its dominance tied to its cheap labor force will diminish as its people’s standard of living and demands rise.

I2I’s existing clients include companies that subcontract virtually all manufacturing to China, services to India, The Philippines, Mexico and various other third world and emerging economies. We have agents in China who can identify and negotiate with manufacturers there to produce virtually any product. Our legal consultants are experts in tariff laws for both importing and exporting. We were able to reclassify the tariff classification they were paying for importing all of their product from 5.3% to 0, literally saving the company millions and millions of dollars, and eliminate fines about to be imposed for not properly self-classifying their imported products.

We also have a network of American companies who actually, when given the opportunity can compete on many items and services with their foreign counterparts.

For those few companies that will explore self-manufacturing, our team knows all the nuts and bolts of the process.


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