Creative Marketing

Marketing is the fertilizer of sales. First and foremost I2I is a marketing firm. Our experts know how to get you and your business recognized, and with recognition comes trust and with trust comes business and a following. We specialize in:

1.)Market Research. We are experts at researching everything from patent and trademark searches to the Internet other databases only professionals are aware of

2.)Marketing Surveys. We are highly experienced in surveying public, often using focus groups and conducting polls, invaluable in determining before a client invests any money in a product or market if there is a willing and waiting demand for it

3.)Marketing Plans and Strategy. Over the last 40 years our team have collectively prepared highly-professional plans of all kinds, ranging from legal to intensive marketing ones

4.)Guerilla marketing. No longer is advertising as simple as it has been for decades, and in some cases centuries. Before the Internet a new company without the finances to pay for expensive newspaper, magazine, radio, television and huge roadside billboards able to advertise. Today, more and more they are countless new opportunities which are not only practical, but virtually indispensible. Even the largest companies in the world utilize a balanced and diverse scheme of marketing and advertising. I2I knows and has used them all

5.)QR code marketing and advertising. Two dimensional bar codes, called QR, or Quick Response codes were invented in Japan back in 1994, and has slowly, but steadily extended through Europe and of late the United States. It is becoming all the rage. A square bar code is affixed to a package, display, advertisement or promotional literature and can be easily and quickly scanned by a Smartphone. Within the next two years, all phones sold in this country will be Smartphones. A quick scan will instantly bring the viewer to a full website, make a call or give away a fee coupon. I2I has pioneered this technology for its largest client to date

6.)Public relations. Advertising is part of Marketing, and most advertising is costly (except QR codes). Free advertising can be had by creative public relations. I2I will offer its clients the opportunity at times to co-market their products with other clients and sponsor popular events and organizations

7.)Hiring a Public Relations Agent. Often an I2I staff member. I2I’s team includes highly experience PR personnel with expertise in all forms of publicity extending from the nation’s media to films and videos

8.)Writing and Releasing Press Releases. We have drafted and sent out thousands of press releases to over a thousand newspapers and magazines and all wire services. Often these organs have extra space which they fill with such releases

9.)Advertising. We have placed hundreds of advertisements for clients of our team in all forms of the media for decades. We are aware of extremely inexpensive advertising opportunities in newsletters and on websites

10.)Co-Marketing. As mentioned above, we will when appropriate co-marketing non-competing businesses and products among our clients. In unity there is strength and doing so can cut costs 2-10Xs

11.)Social Media and the Internet. From virtually the onset of the Internet, I21’s team members have been developing and supervising websites. Our own webmaster and his assistants are experts at web designing and monitoring results through a number of inexpensive vendors who provide detailed analytical information on a daily basis. With the advent of the social media, Facebook, YouTube, Linked in and many other business and professional sites, our team has become experts at maximizing the use of them, which the largest corporations in the world include in their own marketing and advertising campaigns

12.)Networking 101. Our entire business is founded on a profound proven ability to network. We have business contacts and clients across the globe on every major continent;

13.)Article, Essay and Book Writing. Starting with our Founder and CEO who will actively participate in designing a program for literally every client, our team includes scholarly writers who know all aspects of publishing.


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