Multi-Lingual Consulting and Translation Services

When the great migration from Europe began first with the Germans in the early 18th century, following by the Irish fleeing the Great Potato Famine, and then the Italians until the onset of The Great Depression, and today with immigrants from virtually every other country in the world, America was said to be “The Land of Opportunity,” it’s Streets.  Were Paved With Gold. Yes, and No.  The gold was and is still there, but without a full knowledge of the streets to find it; one might as well be wandering in the dark.


I2I has a roadmap to any destination a passionate and hungry entrepreneur will ever need. These are some of the steps along the way that the firm will guide its clients to anticipate, deal with and overcome.  But, a map in a foreign language is not unreadable.  We provide our services to those who speak the major languages of the world with a team of expert translators.  Our Spanish-language site will soon be online, and those in other languages are planned to be launched shortly.

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