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Creating and Developing Ideas To Icons

The Institute For Advanced Marketing/Idea2Icom (I2I) offers owners of businesses, products and even ideas with an unmatched highly qualified, experienced and talented global team of experts in product and business development and advanced marketing at easily-affordable pricing and guaranteed results.

Our consultants will provide complimentary analysis of the market potential of any undeveloped or underdeveloped idea, business, product or concept expeditiously, along with all-encompassing business, finance, legal, accounting, sales and marketing ongoing counseling and assistance.

The American Dream, and in fact the basic premise of capitalism is that if we have something to sell and someone to buy it, then a successful business ensues. Not quite so fast. Connecting seller and buyer is often the first big challenge. But if we don’t have an actual product or service, then that is the first challenge. Before we can become a seller, we must first become the buyer if we don’t already own the product or service. Connecting and buying that product or service that we are going to resell to our buyers, requires finding a source that can make or provide us with what we want, communicating, negotiating and then securing the deal.

Only then the fun and real challenge begins. Business in today’s global market is a little more complex that when we were kids, mom gave us some lemons, sugar, ice and a bowl with some paper cups, and dad found and scribbled ‘Lemonade 10 ” on an old wooden box or milk carton. The customers came by, were thirsty or just felt sorry for us kids, reached into their pockets for a dime, and voila, we had a thriving business…. And could keep all of the profits.

Now we have international trade, intellectual property rights, domestic and import or export duties (taxes), government regulations and laws up the kazoo, electronic supply chain management issues, business structuring, and of course market surveys, market plans, the Internet, and so much more. Even an MBA from Wharton or a Juris Doctorate from Harvard Law won’t suffice. We need manufacturing brokers, custom brokers, accountants and financial advisors, and of course there are the lawyers. Who could ever overlook the lawyers? And not just a single broker, accountant advisor or lawyer will often do. We need specialists. Every profession now has its specialists.

I2I can be an entrepreneurs' guardian angel. We provide everything … from idea to icon.


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