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A Little History I2I traces its roots to 1962 when its founder, just turning 18 and starting his Freshman year of college on Long Island worked as a $23 a week evening clerk in the Pharmacy Department of a Discount Department Store, everyone called “Korvettes,” but which then was still officially E.J. Korvettes. A kid just starting his college years, he was inspired by the Perry Mason TV series and his love of politics to be a lawyer and then maybe someday, a United States Senator. Working for Korvettes gave him a quick and shocking dose of real list business, or at least the retailing side of it. What was to lead 18 years later to the total disappearance of Korvettes, cronyism was what got it up and going as a 2nd floor 400 square foot discount outlet on East 45th Street in Manhattan headed by Eugene Ferkauf an ex-GI and a band of his former classmates at Samuel Tilden High School in Brooklyn.. At just about it’s midlife in 1962 that cronyism was not a secret among employees and was what led to the I2I founder’s being fired to be replaced by a young nephew of the department head. He went on to become a trial and appellate lawyer and I2I will publish his classic work on the history of discount department stores and mass merchants in general. 1962, The Year America’s Shopping Habits Changed. Forever to celebrate the Golden Anniversary of the modern discount department store including Walmart, Kmart, Target and many others, a few surviving, but most long vanquished.

To take an Idea and develop it into an Icon, generally requires three ingredients:


I2I has assembled a global team of experts in all phases general business with an emphasis on retail marketing to analyze what the mass merchants are selling, looking to sell and thus looking to buy. We can quickly and accurately analyze your idea, business, concept or product and if it is saleable, guide you through the entire process from Idea to Icon. The extensive List of Services we provide is incomparable. You pay nothing unless your idea has merit and if and until there is a profit to share. You do not pay for our expertise and experience, but our performance!!!


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